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Past events

Panel 1

Scott Slovic

Alvin Wong

Wai Ping Yau


Date: 1-2/6/2023

International Symposium on “Affective Anthropocene: Contextualizing Feelings and Environments under Climate Change”
(in mixed mode)

• In what ways can affectivity overcome or draw upon national, racial, sexual, generational and species boundaries in the age of climate change? 


• How is the formation of new identities or reassertion of old ones related to affectivity and to what extent can affective ecologies help confront the environmental challenges? 


• What kinds of specific space or geographical location, whether in global, regional, national or local scale, can enhance or subside affectivity in the Anthropocene? 


• How does the ecological civilization in China and beyond accommodate the complex emotions that accompany life in the Anthropocene? 

Panel 2

Michael Bachmann

Fiona Law

Haomin Gong                                                            

Emily Zong


Panel 3

Minty Donald

Carl Lavery

Jessica Yeung

and Ahmet Hojam

Eric Feng


Panel 4

Victor Fan

Simon Estok

Kwai-Cheung Lo



Date: 3/12/2020

Wind, Water, Cloud in China-related spaces for the Anthropocene Cultural Imaginary


Date: 2/11/2018

Part 1:                                                               

Part 2:                                                              

Date: 1/11/2018


Steering Committee for Contemporary Chinese Cultures and the Anthropocene Research Consortium

Centre for Translation and Translation Programme, Hong Kong Baptist University

Department of Humanities and Creative Writing, Hong Kong Baptist University

Cultural Literacy Programme, Hong Kong Baptist University


Venue: WLB205, Hong Kong Baptist University


Date: 26/10/2016

Tharlo: From Fiction to Film

Venue: Hong Kong Baptist University

Speaker: Pema Tseden

Host: Dr Howard Choy Yuen-Fong

Date: 23/10/2016


Organizer: Hong Kong Asian Film Festival

Venue: Broadway Cinematheque

Speakers: Director Pema Tseden, Sonthyal Gyal and Chang Yang

Hosts: Prof Enoch Tam, Prof Lo Kwai Cheung, Dr Howard Choy, Dr Yau Wai Ping


Date: 30/10/2015

Literature and Locale: A Five Cornered Conversation

Part 1 Mr Jia Pingwa: 

Part 2 Mr Memtimin Hoshur:

Part 3 Mr Su Tong: 

Part 4 Mr Pema Tseden:

Part 5 Mr Badai: 

Part 6 Mr Chan Koonchong: 

Date: 29/10/2015

​Literature and Locale: An International Symposium on Literary Works of Jia Pingwa

Prof Eugene Eoyang:

Prof Chen Zhongyi:

Dr Jessica Yeung & Mr Chrisopther Mattison

Dr Carlos Rojas

Dr Zhang Xuexin

Prof Shinichiro Shiohata                                                                       Coming soon

Dr Jiwei Xiao

Manuel Pavón-Belizón


Date: 31/10/2014

Cultural Translation: Speaking to you about me – Pema Tseden in dialogue with Evans Chan

Venue: Hong Kong Baptist University

Date: 31/10/2014

Venue: Hong Kong Baptist University

Speakers: Mr Long Rinchen & Prof Robert Barnett

螢幕截圖 2021-11-06 下午4.48.56.png

Date: 30/10/2014

Pema Tseden’s Films & Fiction I:

Pema Tseden’s Films & Fiction II:

Pema Tseden’s Translation:

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