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2018/12/13: A Distinguished Panel Series on Contemporary Chinese Cultures and Interculturalism: Disseminating Yan Lianke’s The Four Books

Date: 13th December 2018
Venue: Council Chamber (SWT 501), 5/F, Shaw Tower Shaw Campus, Hong Kong Baptist University

Steering Committee for Contemporary Chinese Cultures and the Anthropocene Research Consortium
Faculty of Arts, Soochow University
Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Hong Kong Baptist University
Department of Humanities and Creative Writing, Hong Kong Baptist University
Cultural Literacy Programme, Hong Kong Baptist University
Centre for Translation and Translation Programme, Hong Kong Baptist University

Part 1:
Welcoming speeches:
Prof Liu Jianmei
Prof Lo Ming Tung
Prof Kwai-cheung Lo
Dr Robert Neather
Ms Zoe Yim

Mr Yan Lianke on Writing Sishu
Prof Carlos Rojas on translating Sishu into The Four Books (with respondent Dr Gloria Lee)
Mr Peter Blackstock on publishing The Four Books (with respondent Dr Howard Choy)

Part 2 :
Mr Halfdan Friehow on publishing Sishu in Norwegian (with respondent Dr Maialen Marin-Lacarta)
Mr Laura Susijn on promoting Sishu (with respondent Dr Dawn Tseng)
Prof He Ping on reception of Sishu in China
Mr Kevin Yau on overseas reception of The Four Books (with respondent Prof Shelley Chan)

Part 3:
Q&A Section

Project Gallery

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