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Anthropocene and Hong Kong, Navigating the Human Impact Podcast

PodcastChow Tsz Yan & Ng Yin Ting Donna
00:00 / 14:58


This project aims to explore the Anthropocene epoch and its relevance to our motherland, Hong Kong through an engaging and informative podcast. The rapid human activities of the Anthropocene era have resulted in detrimental consequences for the ecological system and social resilience. Unfortunately, many Hong Kong citizens are unfamiliar with this unofficial current geological epoch, which demands greater attention. By sharing first-hand experiences during extreme weather in Hong Kong, the podcast addresses climate change adaptation during the Anthropocene era and seeks to raise disaster awareness among the general public. Additionally, we highlight the significance of public awareness and education in fostering a sense of place and developing a culture-sensitive understanding of the global crisis. The expected outcomes of this podcast include promoting public empathy and shared responsibility in combating climate change. Recognizing the vulnerabilities of the environment is crucial for improving Hong Kong's resilience, with governance playing a significant role.

In terms of division of labor, the podcast medium was chosen for this project. Both team members collaborated on writing the script and recording the podcast, with Yanto primarily responsible for the technical aspects based on her experience in podcast creation.

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