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The Anthropocene Photobook


Photographs are an abstract medium, yet they have the power to capture the essence of reality. Hong Kong as a highly urbanized city, has left behind many footprints of the Anthropocene. The concept of Anthropocene may seem distant and abstract, but its significance is woven into every moment of our lives. Through a collection of photographs, this project aims to document every fleeting moment related to the Anthropocene, including pollution, food consumption, and towering skyscrapers, highlighting the interconnectedness between this concept and our everyday existence. Examples of humanity's unfriendly treatment towards nature, driven by self-interest, can be seen everywhere, yet often go unnoticed, exacerbating the issue. I hope that through these photographs, this photobook can magnify the traces of the Anthropocene, making them more perceptible and noticeable.

The purpose of this photobook is to inspire readers to reflect on their own unfriendly actions towards nature in their daily lives, deepen their understanding of the Anthropocene, and encouraging contemplation of potential changes to achieve a harmonious balance with nature. The last two photos demonstrate that the coexistence between nature and development is possible if humans are willing to change, compromise, and leave room for nature. 

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