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The Green Goblin Podcast - Marvel and the Environment

The Green Goblin PodcastSiddhant Singh
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Climate change has a direct impact on the globe. The negative impacts of global warming are frequently discussed and well-documented in the media. However, there may be a lack of responsibility and action in addressing these issues. Thus, it is paramount to consider them.

The Green Goblin Podcast is used as a platform to discuss Marvel and the environment. As Marvel continues to gain popularity, the average person could tune in for conversations about the movies or comics. Nevertheless, they may also be exposed to vital matters such as global warming in environmental episodes.

In this podcast episode, I the responsibility for climate change in three areas. Firstly, regions and continents can be rightfully held accountable because of high carbon emissions and rampant deforestation rates. Additionally, individuals are also liable. Therefore, a collective dual accountability approach is necessary to mitigate the effects of climate change, such as rising sea levels and temperature surges. A possible solution could involve a combination of environmental legislation, environmental encouragement, and incentivization for citizens by the government.

With the aid of this podcast and episode specifically, my aim is to raise awareness among listeners about climate change and such responsibilities. Through a friendly and easily understandable medium, people can gain knowledge and practical tips to make positive contributions towards improving the environment.

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