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 How does Asian hard policy solve the climate change problem?


The project explores the causes and impacts of climate change in Asia and highlights the severity of the issue. It establishes a clear understanding of the challenges faced by the region.


Based on the course knowledge and lectures, this project addresses the role of environmental authoritarianism in Asia. It explains how certain countries like China have implemented stringent environmental policies and regulations to tackle climate change. I also explain how these policies effectively address climate change in the country. Additionally, I provide some new and effective suggestions to solve the climate crisis based on the social characteristics and culture of Asia.


While the hard methods and measures proposed in the video can effectively solve the problem of climate change, there is also the potential to compromise people's freedom. Therefore, we need to consider which is more important between freedom and environmental protection, and I will choose the latter and explain why in the video. Finally, the purpose of this video is to encourage the audience to agree that Asia's stringent measures to deal with climate change are feasible and to encourage them to pay more attention to environmental issues.

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